On 6-7 June 2012, Imelda Lynch (CEO) and Trina O’Donnell (Operations Manager) attended the annual ARCS Scientific Congress in Sydney.

It was a nice to see some of you again, and also a good opportunity meet many new faces, some new to using Bellberry, and some who were just interested in the ethics processes.

The Congress also provided some interesting sessions and a good forum for some thought provoking discussion around a range of topics related to clinical trials, including ethical processes. Imelda presented at one session on the role of the Independent HREC, how to remain accountable, and the advantages and
disadvantages of an external HREC.

There were also sessions related to some further developments in the MOU between the eastern states and it was good to be able to discuss ideas and some of the learnings of the processes that Bellberry has developed.

Thank you to everyone who came to say hello at our exhibitor’s stand, and for providing us with such positive and constructive feedback.