McKeon Review - Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research – Better Health through ResearchBellberry was pleased to be identified in the Australian Government’s Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research February 2013, known as the McKeon review, as a "specialist provider" for human research ethics reviews and as having established the benchmark in timeliness within Australia.

The Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research in Australia was established by the Australian Government in 2011. The Review was to report early in 2013 and recommend a 10-year strategic health and medical research plan for the nation.

Here is an excerpt from the report’s Executive Summary:

Vision for ‘Better Health Through Research’

The purpose of health and medical research (HMR) is to achieve better health for all Australians.

Better health encompasses increased life expectancy, as well as social goals such as equity, affordability and quality of life. HMR investment supports innovation in Australia’s $135bn p.a. health sector and is vital for delivering health outcomes, creating national wealth and ensuring the efficiency and sustainability of the health system. Implementing the following recommendations to embed HMR in the health system over the next 10 years will help deliver a wealthy and prosperous Australia that boasts the world’s best and most efficient health system.

View and download the complete report here.