The following information outlines the requirements which must be included in all applications submitted to Bellberry as per Section 5.2.5 of the National Statement.

General Information

  • Bellberry HREC expects all applications to refer and adhere to the NHMRC National Statement of Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007 incorporating all updates) and refer to relevant local legislation.
  • the Protocol title, protocol identifying number and date are to be included. Any amendment(s) should also bear the amendment number(s) and date(s).
  • all documents need to be saved in PDF format with the file name stating the Version no. and date and attached with your application via the eProtocol system. A footer is required to assist with this information.
  • applications should be written in plain English without the use of technical jargon. The use of abbreviations, even relatively well known ones, should be avoided.

Protocols for Clinical Studies

Protocols for Non-Clinical Studies