Bellberry relies heavily on Information Technology (IT) systems to conduct our business operations, including eProtocol, our online review software program. As eProtocol is crucial to our business continuity, it is vital the information it holds is kept safe, secure and available.

As part of the company gaining certainty around our IT security, we engaged KPMG to conduct an audit and review of our systems and report on the ability of these to support business growth and quickly adapt to any emerging technologies the future might hold.

We are pleased to report that KPMG confirmed our IT operating procedures and policies follow best practice and the security and privacy of information held on eProtocol is well protected. The audit did highlight the need for some infrastructure upgrading to ensure we have appropriate data storage capacity, performance and system recovery to ensure 24/7 business continuity is maintained well into the future.

We will conduct these upgrades during 2013 and ensure minimal disruption occurs whilst doing so.