An online survey was sent to all our customers during 2012 as part of the Information Technology review. The purpose of the survey was to determine satisfaction levels with eProtocol, our service provision and identify any areas requiring improvement.

We were very pleased with the results as respondents reported very high satisfaction levels with the overall service we provide.

Respondents identified the 24/7 access to eProtocol and its instant event history as being extremely important and over 95% of respondents were satisfied with the assistance received from Bellberry staff. Their promptness and willingness to help when responding to enquires, either by email or telephone, was frequently highlighted.

Extremely high levels of satisfaction were recorded for the timeliness of HREC responses following review of new studies and other submitted forms (average rating 89%).

The survey did highlight and confirm to us that more eProtocol training sessions are required. Our Operations Manager is currently developing webinars to be delivered throughout this year and we hope to post dates for these sessions on our website soon.

We sincerely thank you for participating in the survey as your feedback is extremely valuable to us. The survey respondent randomly selected for the opportunity to donate $250 to their favourite charity chose ‘Red Cross.