Bellberry, with partners at University of Sydney and Monash, established PRAXIS Australia to improve research through education.  We are very proud to announce and celebrate their launch of a sector wide researcher training model.

PRAXIS Australia’s RESEARCH ESSENTIALS course is a dynamic educational resource specifically designed for the Australian research sector. Developed and written by a group of over 60 of Australia’s leaders in the fields of research, science and research ethics, the RESEARCH ESSENTIALS course delivers relevant, high quality education in a flexible, affordable and accessible way for the Australian research workforce across all settings.

Watch this short video that describes how Research Essentials aims to improve research practice across the entire workforce by upskilling all staff involved in research. You can view the detail of all 68 individual modules and electives here.


PRAXIS Australia is committed to ensuring fair and equitable access to education for all. As a Member partner, Bellberry is offering a number of  scholarships to all Researchers, Research Coordinators, RGOs or Research Integrity staff across the research workforce as part of their mission to support research and ethics in Australia. Applications are filling fast and must close on 24th September.

Further information about the course and scholarships can be found below: