Bellberry Donation Model

Bellberry’s not for profit status has been important to Bellberry’s Directors from the outset as they recognised the benefits research has on the health outcomes for Australians. Since its inception, the Company’s altruistic model has seen the operational functions of the business supported first and any surplus money donated to human medical research undertaken within Australia.

The Directors are very proud that more than $3.5 million has been donated to Australian research since 2004.

How are donation recipients selected?

The Board recognises that the selection of appropriate research is better placed with organisations that have appropriate expertise and selection processes in place.  As a result, applications for funding are not accepted. The donations focus on research projects from the NHMRC round of grants and are provided to assist PhD students and researchers within the university sector.  Approaches are made by the Directors to a single university on the basis that a grant will be made to the university.  The university then determines which of the relevant NHMRC grant applications should receive the funding.

2018 Donations

Information on our 2018 grants and donations to follow.

Donations Archive