Bellberry HRECs have been appointed by NSW Health for the review of adult EPCT applications. From the 29 April 2019, all EPCT HREC applications conducted at an NSW Public Health Organisation (PHO) site must be reviewed and approved by an appointed NSW Health EPCT HREC.  Further information is available on the NSW Health website. All non-PHO sites should continue to submit via Bellberry’s eProtocol system.

For the purposes of this Framework ‘Early Phase’ has been broadly defined as studies up to but not including Phase II studies. The NSW EPCT quick reference guide provides further guidance.

All NSW PHO EPCT applications should be submitted via the Research Ethics Governance Information System (REGIS).

Senior Executives from sites that are listed on an NSW EPCT HREC application will be invited to attend the review of that specific EPCT HREC meeting as an observer.

NSW EPCT Bellberry Application Guidance and Forms:

For further information regarding applications, Sponsors and researchers are encouraged to contact the Bellberry EPCT Clinical Trials Manager:

Jerneen Williams
Phone: (08) 8361 3222
Email: JerneenWilliams@bellberry.com.au