The 2022 ARCS Annual Conference is taking place next week in Sydney. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Australians have experienced firsthand how changes can be incorporated into our daily routines in a very short time.  Initially, we came together with a common goal, to survive and manage the pandemic.  We implemented the changes through necessity and valued each other’s input. The next step is to continue this collaboration by understanding that working together with a common purpose benefits all of us. These changes are the results of three key actions: A common purpose, technology as an enabler and stakeholder inclusiveness.

Bellberry are delighted to be supporting and exhibiting at this event. Several members of our staff will be attending including Jerneen Williams, Bellberry Early Phase Clinical Trial Manager, who is a panel member for the ARCs panel session C04: Lessons learnt implementing site electronic systems in clinical research on 25 May at 11.15am.