Animal Ethics Committees (AECs)

Role of AECs

Since 2004 Bellberry’s mission has been to protect the welfare of human research participants and to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of research through running high quality and independent Human Research Ethics Committees.

To complement our work as a provider of HREC services, Bellberry is undertaking a pilot program to establish an Animal Ethics Committee (AEC). This is part of Bellberry’s strategy to investigate new services and products that will expand the core business of excellence in research.

These reviews will relate to performing pharmacology and toxicology analysis studies involving mice and rats. They are not involving other animal models.

Considering that currently animal drug trials are the precursor to clinical trials involving humans, the establishment of an AEC corresponds with Bellberry’s vision. Bellberry has been an innovator and leader when it comes to the process of running Human Research Ethics Committees, and we will look to bring similar advances to the area of Animal Ethics Committees.

A key aspect of the overall program is a strong commitment from Bellberry to reduce the incidence of animal testing in drug development. There is already work being done in the sector towards this. This project will examine a range of activities including researching different models, and education on the alternatives and reduction of animal use.

Click here to access the Bellberry AEC Terms of Reference.