Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs)

Role of HRECs

Our Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) are designed to review and where appropriate, approve and monitor human research projects. In doing so, each HREC also ensures that “all types of research involving or impacting on humans conform to the highest ethical standards of practice and academic integrity”.

Bellberry is certified to review clinical drug trials, social science and observational studies. We can also assist when there might be disagreement about clearly defining research versus quality assurance activities. The role of the HREC is to ensure participant interests are considered, especially where interventions are proposed that may incur risks, suffering or inconvenience. As occurs in clinical research, patients/participants should be provided with relevant information to enable them to determine if they wish to be involved in quality assurance activity.

Bellberry currently manages 12 Human Research Ethics Committees. We can hold up to 13 HREC meetings per month and can hold additional meetings when required. Please contact Bellberry before submitting your documents if you have specific time frames.

Bellberry holds meetings every Wednesday evening. Submission of study documentation must occur via eProtocol two weeks before a meeting.

Click here to access the Bellberry HREC Terms of Reference.

Our Chairs

The Bellberry HREC’s are chaired by:

  • A/Professor Brian Stoffell, Head of the Social Health Sciences Unit, Chair of Student Affairs School of Health Sciences and Director, Health Ethics Unit (FMC) at Flinders University.
  • Emeritus Professor James Toouli, Faculty of Health Sciences, Discipline of Surgery, Flinders University.
  • Dr Michael James, Research Officer, Rheumatology Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital.
  • A/Professor Barry Chatterton, Associate Professor within the Discipline of Medicine at University of Adelaide and Physician in Nuclear Medicine, Dr Jones and Partners, Adelaide.
  • Dr Jeff Karrasch, Consultant Physician, Holy Spirit Northside Hospital and North West Private Hospitals, Brisbane.
  • Professor Annette Braunack-Mayer, Head, School of Health and Society, University of Wollongong.
  • Professor Ben Canny, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Monash University.
  • Ms June Challen, Senior Pharmacist – Investigational Drugs, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Central Adelaide Local Health Network