SA Health Research Policy

SA Health has recently updated its Research Ethics Policy Directive to recognise all South Australian NHMRC-Certified HRECs for the review of research projects under the SA Health single ethical review model. Previously only SA Health HRECs were able to review projects. All users should confirm the approach with the local research office.

SA Health supports both the Single Ethical Review model and the National Mutual Acceptance model for the streamlined review of research projects.

SA Health Research Policy (pdf)

For further information regarding applications please contact:

Jerneen Williams, the Bellberry HREC EPCT Manager:
Direct Line: (08) 81224575
Email: JerneenWilliams@bellberry.com.au

Mel Kluge, the Bellberry Project Officer:
Direct Line: (08) 8122 4963
Email: MelissaKluge@bellberry.com.au

For general enquiries please email: publicsubmissions@bellberry.com.au