Grant Activities

As a Not For Profit Company Bellberry directs all proceeds from our operations into grants that support our dual objectives

  1. To protect the welfare of human research participants
  2. To improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of research

Bellberry grants broadly fall into 3 categories:

1. People: Bellberry provides fellowships and scholarships in a targeted manner to support the Australian Research Sector. As of 2016, Bellberry is working in collaboration with the Viertel Foundation to offer prestigious, high-value 5 year mid-career fellowships to the brightest research talent. Charles Viertel established the Sylvia and Charles Viertel Charitable Foundation in his will. The Foundation was established to benefit organisations or institutions involved in the medical research into diseases and the alleviation of hardship of the aged and infirm. Further information about the scheme can be found at http://viertel.org.au/

2. Projects: Bellberry provides targeted grant funding for collaborative research infrastructure or projects

3. Direct Action: Bellberry supports initiatives that deliver on our objectives of protecting the welfare of participants and improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of research. Examples include: