How to make a complaint about a Research Trial

If you are a participant in a research trial and you have a complaint to make about the trial, you are unhappy with the way the trial is being conducted or if you have any queries or concerns about the trial you should contact Bellberry HREC.  

A HREC’s primary role is to protect human research participants and Bellberry treats complaints or concerns raised by research participants extremely seriously.

The following outlines a summary of the procedure to raise concerns or make complaints.

  1. Initially please contact Bellberry by telephoning 08 8361 3222.
  2. The Chief Executive will follow up the complaint on behalf of the Committee Chair.  The matter will then be discussed with the Committee Chair and all attempts will be made to resolve the matters(s) through this process and as quickly as possible.
  3. Where the resolution is complex the matter will be referred to the Directors of Bellberry Limited as per the Bellberry Complaints Policy.

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