Our Fees

Bellberry, the Company, has very carefully ensured it has no influence on the decision making of its Committees. The fees charged are for the review of a study, regardless of the outcome. Fees are determined by the Board and CEO and are managed separately to the Committees. The Committees do not see financial statements of the Company and have no involvement in this facet of the business.

A fee is charged for providing a review of a research project. The review process starts when the investigator clicks ‘submit’.  The study review fee is therefore committed to at that time.

New Protocols

The study review fee funds the cost of any pre-submission assistance; the initial review; costs of the ongoing review of adverse events; protocol violations; site visits and the monitoring of research progress. Ongoing monitoring of the study is included in the study review fee.

Amendments and Extensions

Additional fees are levied for the review and processing of study amendments and extensions. Modifications to research which require specialist review will incur an amendment fee. Examples include Protocol amendments and Investigator Brochure updates. This additional fee covers the cost of reviewing the documents and the associated administrative responsibilities.  Substantial modifications to research will require to be reviewed at a full Committee meeting and will incur a substantial amendment fee. Other amendments of a minor administrative nature may incur a fee. This applies to all funded and non-funded studies and sub studies submitted.

Review Outcomes

Fees levied cover the costs of providing the expert review, regardless of the outcome of that review. To be clear: Fees are charged for the review process, NOT the review decision. Fees remain payable in cases where a study has been rejected by the HREC.

Investigator-Initiated Studies

If you are an investigator funding your own research project, you may contact Bellberry to discuss fees that apply.

Further information on Fees can be found in BA G6 Application Fees

Current Fees*


New HREC Review Application $5,500 $6,050
New Phase 1 HREC Review Application $7,500 $8,250
Amendments (per site) $550 $605
Investigator brochure update (per submission) $550 $605
Substantial Amendment $5,500 $6,050
Multi-centre reduced fee
Sites #2-5 (each) $3,300 $3,630
Sites #6+ (each) $2,300 $2,530

*As of March 2017
Bellberry reserves the right to alter these fees.