On Monday 20 May ACTA held their National Tribute and Awards ceremony in conjunction with International Clinical Trials Day.

“Clinical trials are vital to ensuring patients receive the best treatments and get the best outcomes. Effective and efficient treatments not only reduce suffering they can also mean less time spent receiving treatment and less money spent by the patient and the health system,” said Prof John Zalcberg, Chair of ACTA.

The winner of the 2019 Trial of the Year award was the ASPREE (ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly) Trial, which looked at the efficacy of people 70 and above taking aspirin daily in preventing age-related illness including heart attack and dementia. The ASPREE study was an international, multicentre clinical trial to determine whether daily low-dose aspiring prolonged good health by preventing or delaying age-related illness such as cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), dementia, depression and certain cancers in the healthy elderly. It is the largest primary prevention aspiring study ever undertaken in healthy people aged at or above 70 years and the first to weigh the benefits versus the risks.

For results of the other awards including the runners up for Trial of the Year and winner of the STiNG Award for Excellence in Trial Statistics please visit the ACTA website.

A Photo Gallery of the event day can be viewed here