Join the discussion at Australia’s pivotal Research Ethics, Governance and Research Integrity meeting


It is a pleasure to invite you to join us at the 2016 AEN Conference to be held in Adelaide’s rapidly growing research hub. The conference is brought to you as a result of the collaboration of Bellberry, PRAXIS Australia and the Australian Research Management Society (ARMS), in conjunction with our sponsor, the University of South Australia.

Program release coming very soon!

The AEN 2016 Conference will seek to explore in detail how the research and research ethics communities in Australia can prepare for innovation by better understanding what kinds of challenges this era of innovation brings our way, how we can utilise innovation to improve processes, and importantly to identify and address the ethical implications of those innovations.

Secure your place in one or more of the pre-conference workshops and learn from the various expert panel discussions and interactive sessions planned throughout the meeting on a diverse range of relevant topics.


conference team contact
Ms Lesley Woods
AEN 2016 Conference Secretariat
PO Box 764
MITCHAM SA 5062, Australia
Telephone: +61 (02) 8177 2215
Email: reg@themeetingpeople.com.au