As we have mentioned in previous updates, Bellberry Ltd is committed to contributing to the current national aim of streamlining of current ethics review processes. This is in conjunction with our core aims of promoting and improving the welfare of research participants and promoting quality, efficiency and effectiveness of research across Australia.

The need for increased education services to the broader research sector has been identified by many key stakeholders as an important element of the streamlining objective, with an end goal of promoting and retaining a skilled and informed workforce. We are excited to announce our plans to deliver VET accredited education to the Human Research Ethics sector, with a planned implementation internally later this year and then nationally in early 2015. This will be closely followed by accredited education to the broader research sector , focusing on education and support for researchers and research site support staff.

Importantly, we recognise that affordability, accessibility and quality are inherent design elements. All education services will be conducted in partnership with an academic tertiary institution /professional body, with support and guidance on design, content and delivery from key experts around the nation, including industry, regulators and representatives of all of the target audience groups. One important goal of this project is to ensure that the services can be readily accessed by all, with an aim to ensuring portability of acquired skills and recognition amongst the sector of accredited training as an accepted standard. This would ultimately reduce the current burden of repetition of training that impacts time and costs related to research.

If you would like to know more about this project or would like to know how you can be involved, please contact Melanie Gentgall, Bellberry Education Project Manager at melaniegentgall@bellberry.com.au