Bellberry HREC hosted it’s biennial National Education Weekend on 24th-25th May.

As Bellberry approaches its 10th anniversary, we have increasing numbers of national committee members and the opportunity to gather, network and learn together becomes more important. We were delighted to welcome more than 50 of our national Human Research Ethics Committee members for a weekend of clinical education sessions, ethics review and governance updates. Special thanks go out to our panel of speakers who provided training and information content of an exceptionally high standard.

The Education Weekend is a significant undertaking for the Bellberry organisation. It is a reflection of our commitment to the continuing professional development of our HREC members. We believe that on-going education is a fundamental requirement in the delivery of a high quality ethics review service to the human research community. Please find below some comments about the weekend:

‘I enjoyed the entire weekend immensely. Your selection of topics provided attendees with a wide variety of interesting information. Overall I think that the presentations were pitched appropriately to allow all present to get some take home information.’
June Challen

‘I truly enjoyed all the speaker’s presentations and could have listened to some for longer as their breadth of expertise was extraordinary.’
Catherine May

‘I must tell you I greatly enjoyed the weekend. The quality of the presentations was superb, the venue was a delight, and the interactions with other attendees were very rewarding.’
Wayne Hooper