Bellberry is a values-driven organisation working in research ethics, where respect is a fundamental principle that guides the work that we do.  Bellberry is committed, through our work, and the principles enshrined in the NHMRC National Statement, to people having a voice in decisions that affect them.  The Voice is a step that Australia can take to embody those principles.

Bellberry is proud to confirm its support for the proposed constitutional amendment to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the First Peoples of Australia.  This support aligns with our work in research ethics, and the work that we are undertaking as part of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

Bellberry recognises that there will be a diversity of views among its staff, members, and broader community.  Every Australian will come to their own decision on the referendum and Bellberry respects this and their right to vote in accordance with those views.

Issued by the Board of Bellberry, September 2023