The Bellberry team were recently invited to visit SAHMRI to see and hear first hand the research activity that is underway with the aid of Bellberry funding.

Back in 2014 SAHMRI’s Mind and Brain Theme Leader, Prof Julio Licinio was awarded the inaugural Bellberry Mind and Brain Fellowship. The recipient of the Fellowship was Dr Michael Musker. The Bellberry team met with Dr Musker who has worked on several initiatives since 2014 including a highly innovative project on gene-environment interactions. Dr Musker talked with the team about the projects that he has worked on since coming to SAHMRI in 2014 including the following:

The team also met with Prab Takhar, Director of SAHMRI’s cyclotron. In 2017 Bellberry launched its partnership with SAHMRI to establish the Bellberry Molecular Imaging Program. This program studies how diseases may behave differently in individual patients, with important implications in the development of a more personalised approach to disease diagnosis and treatment. Molecular imaging has enabled the ability to use radiopharmaceuticals to study the functionality and progression of diseases ranging from bone, breast and prostate cancers, through to Parkinson’s Disease, Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Read more on Prab’s recent work in the Bellberry Molecular Imaging Unit: