Report of an international workshop convened by Bellberry, held on November 18-20, in Sydney, Australia

In November 2019 Bellberry were delighted to host the “Challenges of Valuing and paying for Combination Therapies in Oncology” international workshop in Sydney.

This event brought together over 50 experts from around the world from a range of stakeholder groups to discuss the challenges associated with valuing and paying for combination regimens in oncology. All aspects of the workshop programme were overseen by a Scientific Committee and were chaired by E/Prof Lloyd Sansom.

The workshop was followed by a one-day open day meeting where the deliberations and conclusions of the expert panel presented and debated amongst a wider local audience.  The workshop outcome was the development of an agreed statement of good practice, guidelines on approaches and a clear agreement on any required next steps.

The full workshop report can be viewed here