Bellberry is committed to ensuring the privacy and security for users of our service. In light of recent government announcements warning of increases in cybersecurity attacks, Bellberry has assessed its current processes relating to eProtocol registrations and have made the following changes to strengthen our current security procedures.

All new eProtocol registrations will be required to submit an Organisational Verification of Personnel form (OVOP BA F2.1.3). This form replaces all previous authorisation forms, and its purpose is to verify the new applicant’s affiliation to the organisation/site with which they are registering. Each site will need to appoint an authorised representative that will sign off each new registration for their organisation on the OVOP form.

What is an authorised representative?

Each organisation must have a dedicated person(s) that assumes responsibility for the authorisation of new personnel registering for eProtocol access from that organisation. The authorised representative should be known by staff as they will need to verify the applicant as part of the registration process.

Larger organisations may choose to delegate this role to a departmental level, e.g. a hospital may select the Clinical Trials Manager in each department. For stand-alone clinics, it may be the practice manager or Principal Investigator. The organisation is responsible for determining the person responsible and declaring this person to Bellberry. Bellberry will maintain a register of authorised representatives, and each new registration for that organisation will be verified with the nominated representative.

Sites and sponsors will notice the change to new registrations from August 14 2020. There will be no change for existing registrations.

For any eProtocol registration related questions, please contact our HREC Co-Ordinator, Alison Branford, on (08)  8361 3222 or via email bellberry@bellberry.com.au.

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For comprehensive guidance on Bellberry’s eProtocol registration requirements, please see BA F2.1.3 Organisational Verification of Personnel form