eProtocol Help

Compliance is mandatory, tedious paperwork is not.

eProtocol provides a common tool for principal investigators and research staff to prepare, submit, review, and communicate about research protocols. eProtocol is used to submit all research applications and associated documentation. Bellberry can accept hard copies of the Medicines Australia HREC Review Only Form and can also accept an authorised, verified electronically signed document via an electronic software package (e.g Docusign).

This section will introduce you to eProtocol and will act as a one-stop shop providing you with all the resources and information you will require to prepare your submission documentation, submit via eProtocol and track your submission throughout the review process.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Bellberry Office at any time throughout this process. We’re here to help.

eProtocol Training

As part of our ongoing support for eProtocol and our application processes, we hold regular on-line interactive information sessions.

The sessions will generally provide an overview of the registration process, creating and processing new applications, amendments, progress reports, protocol violation reports, adverse event reports, and final reports. However, we can also tailor the sessions to your needs. Therefore please email us with your suggestions, and we can include those topics into the session that you register for.

Please register your interest by emailing admin@bellberry.com.au by the day before any of the planned sessions to allow us to send out the relevant session and log in details. The sessions are held on the second Tuesday of every month 1 – 2 pm (AEST)

We would also welcome any specific questions and suggestions for topics. We will include these in the program as we can. Please contact Sally Sims at sallysims@bellberry.com.au or on 08 8361 3222 if you have any suggestions.


To get started simply log in to eProtocol or for new users visit our Getting Started Guide.