In June 2023 Bellberry were delighted to host the “Towards a Coordinated Approach for Managing Accelerated Patient Access to Potentially Beneficial Medicines: Balancing Patient, Regulator, Health Technology Assessment (HTA), Payer, and Other Stakeholder Needs” international workshop in Adelaide.

This event brought together over a global delegation from over 20 nations including the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Singapore, and Japan from a range of stakeholder groups to discuss the issue of a gap in funded access to potentially beneficial medicines where there has been accelerated regulatory approvalAll aspects of the workshop programme were overseen by a Scientific Committee and were chaired by E/Prof Lloyd Sansom.

The workshop was followed by a one-day open day meeting where the deliberations and conclusions of the expert panel presented and debated amongst a wider local audience.  The workshop outcome was the development of an agreed statement of good practice, guidelines on approaches and a clear agreement on required next steps.

The full report from the workshop can now be viewed here, key themes from the report were integrated into a meeting statement that can be viewed here.