Following an exceptionally busy year in 2016 with a total of 78 HREC meetings held, Bellberry has registered our seventh and eighth HRECs with the NHMRC. Going forward in 2017 Bellberry will be holding 2 Committee meetings every week.

Due to our continued growth, we would like to expand our pool of HREC members and we particularly seek suitably qualified individuals with current human research experience. Knowledge and experience favourably considered includes:

  • Knowledge and understanding of scientific and methodological requirements of research protocols
  • Recent or current involvement in conducting research, particularly clinical trials relating to drugs or devices, epidemiology or behavioural/social science research
  • Knowledge and understanding of the National Statement
  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant national and international documents/guidelines relating to clinical research, eg TGA, GMP, EMA, FDA (medical members)
  • Understanding of the TGA and how it relates to clinical research (medical members)
  • Relevant clinical experience and formal qualification/s to practice in Australia (medical members)
  • The ability to communicate well, including the capacity to listen to and appreciate the views of others, to formulate and express a considered opinion
  • Sound ICT skills

Meetings are held on a Wednesday evening.  There is no requirement to attend a regular meeting as attendance is based on Bellberry need and member’s availability.  Medical/science members, per National Statement 5.2.30 (c) and (f) rotate through the eight HRECs depending on the meeting agenda and the type of expertise required.  Interstate members join meetings via teleconference.  Our online software program enables members to access all relevant documents and investigator and committee correspondence via the web.

Proposals are available to review 12 calendar days prior to a meeting.  Post meeting matters are required to be dealt with promptly within a 48 hour period.

Bellberry supports the education and professional development of HREC members.  Initial induction training is provided to all new HREC members.  Ongoing education is provided with access to internal events and support for attendance at external events.

If you are interested in becoming a Bellberry HREC member please email your CV, including details of any current or recent research experience to Committee Manager, Cathy Stevens cathystevens@bellberry.com.au for consideration.  Alternatively, if you would like further information, please call Cathy on 08 8361 3222.