As part of our continuous improvement process, Bellberry has introduced a Batch Processing pathway.  This pathway aims to ease the burden on sites and sponsors. The batch submission pathway enables:

  • a single submission applicable across multiple studies and/or multiple sites,
  • a single submission applicable to one site when the site/sponsor is unable to enter the submission into eProtocol.

Completing and submitting the batch form (MAR F8.1.1) grants Bellberry the authority to process submissions in eProtocol on behalf of the Investigator. Before completing this form, the requestor must ensure they have discussed the submission with the relevant sites/sponsor to avoid duplication of work. Following this, our standard procedure of review and decision outcome will take place.

Since March 2020, the Bellberry team and our HRECs have processed over 60 batch submissions accounting for over 540 individual amendments. This is an extraordinary reduction of 480 individual amendments that would otherwise have required Site resourcing.

Please note, Bellberry’s dedicated batch submission team will acknowledge receipt of your batch request within 48 hours of receipt.

If you have not received acknowledgement of your batch request within 48 hours, please contact Bellberry on 08 8361 3222.

For further information please refer to MAR G8 Batch submissions